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5 Curiosities you didn´t know about airports

1. There is an application that tells you how many people are at the Security Arch Control.The My TSA mobile application lets you see in real time how much queue there is to pass the security arch. It can be very useful to calculate times and avoid that the...

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Trolleys with Powerbanks

"Our Cabin Luggage featured with portable Power bank" Here at Tokyoto Luggage we are experts in designing stunning and practical Cabin luggage and Hand luggage ideas for a variety of needs.  Our Luggage online store has many hand cabin luggage options to chose from,...

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A Guide to Finding the Best Luggage for You

Classic and useful cabin trolleys are really strong and just like other cabin luggage they are great to look at and easily pulled about any airport terminal. Size, material, price and other specifics need to be considered before you buy a luggage. A number of factors...

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