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SUITCASES TO CHARGE MOBILES & TABLETS This is a Suitcase with an optional and portable built-in 8000mAh charger! The case includes a small pocket inside so you plug the mobile to the suitcase when needed.


Fun Suitcases Luggage Made of Recycled Materials

USB Charger Trolley for Mobiles Tokyoto Luggage30 Liters Real Capacity Trolley

-Powerbank Capacity: 8000mAh (It can charge a mobile 2-3 times): The charger comes with connectors for all smartphones (USB, MicroUSB, Iphone and Type-C). -Accepted as Cabin Luggage in all major Airlines (Ryanair, Vueling, Iberia, British Airways, Easyjet, etc) -Size: 20″ x 7,88″ x 13,77″ (20,86″ including Wheels) -Size: 50cm x 20cm x 35cm (55cm including wheels) Airlines Cabin Luggage Dimentions TOKYOTO LUGGAGE

Ecofriendly Materials+
Made of Recycled Materials

Let´s make our planet GREEN again We are concerned and determined to use only optimized recycled plastics, more resistant, flexible and durable than normal plastics and better used and sustainable with the environment.

Great Amazon Reviews+
SEE HOW WE ARE RATED ON AMAZON We are acing perfection on Amazon Reviews, where you may also acquire some of our models.


-Powerbank Capacity: 8000mAh (It can charge a mobile 2-3 times): The charger comes with connectors for all smartphones (USB, MicroUSB, Iphone and Type-C). -Lightweighted Luggage 2,7 Kg (6,40 Lb) 35L. -Materials: Extremely robust, lightweight polycarbonate trolley case. -Top and side carry handle. -Highly resistant black tube handle. -Push button handle. -360º multidirectional 4 wheel system. -Warranty:2 years. -Fixed TSA Lock: What is this?

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TROLLEY + CHARGER€145.00€100.00Add to cart

Like our character, with this armored, lightweight and robust cabin suitcase you will travel “full of power” with its 8000mAh battery.

Additional information

Weight2.8 kg
Dimensions20 × 35 × 55 cm


9 reviews for CABIN LUGGAGE “IRON BOY”

  1. MegaSeb

    Very lightweight and easy to move, the zip system is a real strong when opening and closing. The case also seems to resist nicely the scratches after one flight!

  2. Aynsley

    Nothing to dislike on this luggage. It’s brilliant very good item arrived promptly.

  3. Darshana

    Product same as on the pictures. Highly recommend

  4. IT_Wizard

    Decently strong and light.

  5. Stevens

    This case is worth every penny. It holds far more than I realised, and the cute Minnie Mouse picture, brings a smile to anyone�s face. It may be on the higher end of the pay scale, for such a case, but the Picture along with the highly acclaimed Tokyoto luggage

  6. Jennifer_Bliss

    Love this case. Easiest I’ve ever owned. I’ve always found it quite difficult to walk around the airport with my suitcase and carry on bag but I could use the handle to keep my carry on bag on top and easily manoeuvre the case around with one hand.

  7. kaloyan

    Good quality at reasonable price

  8. Amaia

    Arrived promptly and what a great little case this is. My husband uses it all the time.

  9. David_C

    Great for Kids! The suitcases I ordered are very good and useful. The top lid that opens, is very very nice as you can have access even to the lower ‘chamber’ if you unzip the middle wall.It weighs a bit more than I wished, but it does the job and I find

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