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This is a Suitcase with exceptional tolerance to light scratches and bumps. With an optional and portable built-in 8000mAh charger. The case includes a small pocket inside so you plug the mobile to the suitcase when needed.


In 2-3 business days if you live in Europe.(where we have warehouses)
In 6 business days if you live in UK.
In 6 to 8 business days if you live in USA or Canada

A delivery person will come to your door to pick up the package or we will send you a drop-off address and Labels. Remember to pack it in the same original box with all its plastics, protections, carton labels, etc so we can process the refund inmediately. If it were a technical problem with the product, the return is absolutely FREE for you and we will obviously exchange the product urgently. But in the case of unjustified returns or mere change of opinion we do have to charge 9€ for collection. MORE INFO

Powerbank Capacity: 8000 mAh (can charge a mobile 2 or 3 times)

USB Charger Trolley for Mobiles Tokyoto Luggage

Cabin Size Logo person Solid Woman TOKYOTO Luggage 30 Liters Real Capacity Trolley

Accepted as Cabin Luggage in all major Airlines (Ryanair, Vueling, Iberia, British Airways, Easyjet, etc)
Size: 50cm x 38cm x 20cm (55cm including wheels).
Airlines Cabin Luggage Dimentions TOKYOTO LUGGAGE
Lightweighted Luggage 2.9Kg (6.80 Lbs) 32L
Materials: Extremely robust anti-scratch flexible and lightweighted Thermoplastic ABS case
90cm maximum 4-stage telescoping handle system with push button
Retractable top and side carry handles
4 dual-spinning 360º wheels
Highly resistant black tube handle
Warranty:2 year.
Fixed Premium TSA Lock with Frame system opening (What´s this?)

Ecofriendly Materials+
Made of Recycled Materials

Let´s make our planet GREEN again
We are concerned and determined to use only optimized recycled plastics, more resistant, flexible and durable than normal plastics and better used and sustainable with the environment.


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Fun luggage made of ABS material, which is flexible, impact resistant and light. BLUE MARINE colour brings elegance, discretion and sobriety to your travel luggage. It has a larger size than the rest with 36 litres, but it can still fit in any Cabin with no problems at all! Its measurements are 53x38x20cm.


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Fun luggage made of ABS material, which is flexible, impact resistant and light. BLUE MARINE colour brings elegance, discretion and sobriety to your travel luggage. It has a larger size than the rest with 36 litres, but it can still fit in any Cabin with no problems at all! Its measurements are 53x38x20cm.

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44 reviews for CABIN LUGGAGE “BLUE”

  1. Graham_W.

    Not the cheapest by a long shot but nice piece of luggage. Good for the Powerbank system

  2. J_C

    Fabulous and worth every penny .Intend investing in the small travel case as so impressed .

  3. Winkypink

    Great built quality, strong and sturdy. Looks small however you can hold ample items inside. The only issue is the combination lock is fiddly and the numbers are hard to see however this is a great travel case.

  4. shanaz_begum

    Love colour, it’s light and easy to move.

  5. Stevens

    This case is worth every penny. It holds far more than I realised, and the cute Minnie Mouse picture, brings a smile to anyone�s face. It may be on the higher end of the pay scale, for such a case, but the Picture along with the highly acclaimed Tokyoto Luggage

  6. Mazza_18

    Good brand and better design. Bought two of them.

  7. lily_rhodes

    The suitcase is amazing. It looks really nice, it’s easy to use and it’s spacious. It survived a couple of trips right now and it still looks nice, no scratches and the wheels are still in function. The only thing that could be better is the handle, it do

  8. worldtraveller62

    Bought as a matching cabin case to the medium version for hold luggage. Great colour, very spacious for a cabin size case and it complies with size requirements for major airlines. Great purchase.

  9. elizabeth_moses

    This little suitcase has been used to death and yet it’s still going strong. It’s lightweight, neat and fits loads in.One side inside has a netted zip and the other has the straps to hold whatever in place. It has a ‘TSA’ lock on the outside too! Only dow

  10. BrumBuyer

    I chose this Tokyoto cabin suitcase for my back problems, because I wanted a four-wheeled suitcase that it did not weigh much and that I could easily move around.I chose the yellow model because it seemed a cheerful color and when I received it, it seemed

  11. Carol_W

    I liked he colour of this product and the fact that it is easy to manoeuvre as it was a gift for my grandson who was delighted with it.

  12. ruperts_mum

    Perfect for my teenage daughter. She loved it and it didn’t cost a fortune.

  13. Gems

    Great service and very good product

  14. Pat_O

    Superb suitcase and ideal for present

  15. erica

    Love it!!!

  16. abdullah_abdulrahman

    As expected

  17. jon_makuti

    Perfect for a Ryan air flight bag if you book priority 2 bags. Each family member has one in different colours.

  18. Rupinder_Khural

    My son loves it but the inside the luggage couldn’t take much.

  19. Chris

    It looks fantastic, it appears to within the size limits for cabin luggage, my daughter will love it!

  20. Mrs_M.

    Loved this bright & cheerful suitcase. We got it for our daughters trip to Madrid. Everybody fell in love with it. It was sturdy but at the same time light.

  21. Jennifer_Bliss

    Great quality item my daughter wanted this for her holiday. Moved along well on uneven surfaces and a great size. We liked the locking system as saved us from looking after keys/locks.

  22. Jennifer_Bliss

    LOVE this suitcase. My son was so pleased when I gave him it. It’s very easy to spot at the airport as it stands out. Easy to push/pull along and a great size up from a small child case.

  23. vicky

    Not used yet but so far so good. A dark silvery grey rather than the blackish look in the description. Double height adjustment on the handles. No name tag position from what i can see. Only on the carry on can you see the height adjustment positions, pro

  24. Karen

    Looks sturdy. However, luggage is smaller than expected.

  25. ,themis

    Present for my wife who loves it

  26. reviewer

    Big fan of Design and Creativity thats why I bought this suitcase. Easy to use.

  27. Ramanan_Srinivasan

    Love the design and the USB charger. Awesome always get Tokyoto luggage

  28. SueBou

    I absolutely love it. Tough, ridged and definitely an head turner when at the airport.

  29. Stu

    Great price and solid product which will last for years. TOKYOTO is the brand SAS give out when your luggage is destroyed en route and we think this brand is sturdy and excellent value for the knocks and abuse airlines and airports give us.

  30. Jonathan

    It looks great, its light, have used it now fir two trips, so far so good.

  31. G._Lusk

    Great design, great Powerbank. I haven’t used it yet but have set up lock code. This was easy to do.

  32. Geordie_Girl

    One of the best we’ve purchased in the last 4 years!

  33. Nickoli

    Great Item, very strong and durable, would highly reccommend this suitcase

  34. Wayne_Ashton

    Excellent product which was strong, roomy and light. Withstood airport carousels well and I am delighted with this TOKYOTO suitcase

  35. tricia

    Very good quality and affordable price

  36. Justin

    I feel I’ve got a real deal considering the price I paid and only the packaging was damaged (if there’s anything else wrong I can’t see it). It arrived very promptly. I’ve got a smaller one too and they are really good quality, very lightweight and being

  37. John_clarck

    Large and not too heavy.Wheels are ok and smooth.Hope it lasts a long time! Thanks amazon for the fast delivery.

  38. Jessica_S

    I travel a lot. I have this case and the slightly bigger version too.Both cases have quality liners, and are exceptionally well made, but it’s the spinner wheels that feel luxurious. No matter how full or heavy, these cases just glide with the littlest of

  39. Sonia


  40. John_A_Bremner

    Great product


    A beauty of a hand luggage. No regrets!

  42. Ines_Silva

    Amazing Packing and Superb Quality of the product. Worth of Money too. I loved it much.

  43. John_clarck


  44. mrs_l.

    Amazing Ironman Design! I have used TOKYOTO and have a number of suitcases from this sturdy manufacturer. This product sells itself for good name, good quality and nice looks. it has a lot of features that is suitable for my needs.I have not used this yet, but wi

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