TSA LOCK - Tokyoto Luggage

TSA Locks

TSA Locks suitcases distinguish the good from the bad. In the same way that there are brakes and ABS, there are “combination locks” and “TSA combination locks.”

These locks lock but do not bring a key. Why?

Because only a customs broker authorized official U.S. or UK have a master key that opens. In case they need to open up a bag and you are not present, you will never break the luggage, you open it without damaging it. His system was specially developed by the American TSA (Transportation Security Administration), an agency created after the attacks of 11 S that ensures the safety in airports and transportation there. Also recognized in the UK by Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs. Only an officer of these agencies can open these padlocks with master key without having to cut the lock or break the case, something that often happens in customs inspections at airports.

How to use a TSA Lock

The combination is preset to 0-0-0. If you want to reset it simply:

1- Insert the tip of a pen into the hole of the side of the lock next to the sheath that covers the zipper.

2- Once you have inserted the pen, press it lightly.

3- Set your new numerical combination by turning the dials.

4- Remove the pen and take note of the new combination.

The TSA lock system has been developed by the TSA (Transportation Security Administration), an agency created in the wake of 9/11 to strengthen the security of the US transportation systems. It is also recognized by Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs in the UK. These locks can only be opened by officers of these agencies using a universal “master” key so that the locks do not have to be cut when baggage searches are required.